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Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes from March 2nd
Colin Grimsey, Principal
8 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:36 pm
Treasure’s Report
★2957.31 Target and Box Tops
★8078.75 Candy Bars
★1850.00 Holiday Shop
★3735.00 Soups and Cookies
★Logo - still under budget. Perhaps we can have logo table at Literacy Night
★Cultural Programs - 3rd grade has completed theirs.
★Field Trips - 1st grade trip to Z was snowed out. It may be replaced with Curious
George in June. We are on the wait list but we won’t know until 30 days in advance.
★Summer Reading books - $2 per student
Report on Fundraisers
★ Yankee Candle order forms have gone out. Orders and payments are due
back by March 30. Orders will be in before Mother’s Day.
★Taste of Quinn - Maryann Ouellette is now Chairperson
•Not Your Average Joe’s- every Monday in April
•Pub 99 in March, date TBA
•May event TBD, perhaps IHOP or Tropical Smoothie
•Papa Gino’s event raised $45.00
★Spring Fling - Lisa Perry will be unable to chair this event. Discussion held
regarding dates for this event. Several conflicts with PAARC testing. We may
not be able to combine Spring Fling with BOGO Book Fair. Discussion about
how this event requires many volunteer hours and it may be difficult to organize
at this point in the year.
★Possible alternatives to Spring Fling - Sonya raised the concern that we didn’t
have the fall Vendor Fair, we came in under budget for soups/cookies and now
Spring Fling may not happen. This poses the potential for a loss of $3,000 in
revenue this year.
•Outdoor Movie Night
•Still collect the donated items and sell raffle calendars
•Wine Tasting - Lisa Correia to look into this
•Comedy Night
•Bay Sox game - Quinn would get $2.50 per ticket
Staff Appreciation luncheon to be held this Spring. Tentative Date May 20th
We need clarification of when 5th Grade Activities are being held. Audra Thomas and
Melissa Nailor are overseeing 5th grade events this year.
Barnes & Noble Book ‘Fair’ will be March 28th. Amy Dion is coordinating. Quinn will
provide ‘entertainment’ in the form of guest readers and craft ‘make & takes.’ Quinn will
receive a % of the store’s sales for the entire day. B&N will provide promotional
materials. Credit also given for online sales.
BOGO book fair - dates to be determined; tentatively 5/22-5/29
A teacher is needed to assist with PTO Executive Board nominations for April meeting.
Colin will ask Mrs. Lisa Niemi to coordinate nominations again this year.
Discussion and voting on fundraisers for next school year will take place at the May 4th
PTO meeting.
June 1st meeting is for voting for Executive Board only.
Principal’s Report
•Budget Season - the current proposed budget is online for all town residents to read.
At this time, no additions will be made. Colin extended thanks to the School Council
who contributed to the proposed budget. There is potential for 7 FTEs to be cut districtwide.
Possibly 4 teaching positions, 1 at high school and 1 at each elementary school.
District leadership will be meeting with the principals for their input. This doesn’t
necessarily mean there will be a firing, the decreased FTE may come in form of
retirement or increase in class size. Joint Meeting of the School Committee and Finance
Committee is March 9th. Parent attendance is encouraged.
•Colin addressed questions about class size. Quinn caps class size at 26. Studies
show that students’ performance on standardized testing is not impacted by class size
when class is 18-30 students.
• Literacy Night 3/19 - Colin ok’d logo table at this event. Question raised about whether
we could hold a bake sale at this event.
•New teacher evaluations - ongoing; going well.
•PARCC (testing - Colin explained that the video posted to the PTO FB page contains a
lot of untrue information. PARCC involves a total of 12-15 hours of testing over several
days (never 5 hours at once). Computer and paper administration are still available.
The goal is for the test to be administered on computer next year. PARCC is more
difficult than MCAS with more emphasis on comprehension and assessment of critical
thinking. This year’s results do not count toward school’s rating. The Race to the Top
federal funding does not apply to Quinn. This program provides federal funding to poor
and underperforming schools.
Next Meeting is Monday, April 6, 2015
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Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes - January 5, 2015!
Melissa McHenry, Assistant Principal
7 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:34 pm
Treasure’s Report
Report on Fundraisers
★Texas Roadhouse - $350 profit. Top seller was Julia Martin. She received a
$100 Visa gift card and her parents got dinner for two at Texas Roadhouse once
a month for the year. Julia’s teacher, Mrs. DeMello receives a $30 gift card and a
class pizza party (allergies issues pending)
★ Soups & Cookies go out tomorrow (January 6th). The soups are from Blount
in Fall River even though the order form looks different. This year with are using
Cristoline (distributor) because they bag up the orders by student. This means
much less parent-power is needed to distribute the orders. Orders are due back
Jan 16th. Pick Up will take place the week of February 16th, date TBA from
★Taste of Quinn - looking for a chair person to organize these events. The job
requires phone calls and collection/distribution of the flyer. Many local places
have our tax exempt number on file. Lisa is hoping to set up events for the
remaining months of the school year. Amy Dion will look into Not Your Average
Joes and Barnes and Nobel. B&N usually likes some type of “performance” to
draw in customers. Suggestion made to perhaps include members of the strings
group; cross promote their concert.
Holiday Shop
! Feedback positive. $1600 in profit. Thanks to Linda Lefkowitz for all of her hard
work organizing this!!
Staff Appreciation
! The dessert bar was a success! According to Melissa, “the teachers were
estatic.” The principle asked that a huge thanks be extended to those who donated.
Movie Night - Polar Express
! Successful event. $180 in logo merch sold.
5th Grade Activities
! Discussed: this year’s yearbook bill is higher than last year’s despite there being
fewer books being ordered. Melissa will check into this, to ensure that overpayment
isn’t made.
Adult Social
! Kate spoke with Mary Waite from DeMello PTO. They would be interested in
joining forces with us for an adult social night. Mary suggested March as they had
several conflicts last year (with a May event) which resulted in low turn out. She also
said that DeMello would not be able to solicit for raffle donation for this event as they will
be doing that for their Spring carnival.
! Lisa will follow up with Hawthorn CC to get more information.
! Tentative date for March 27th.
Principles Report
•Budget Season - is ongoing.
•Mid-year assessments are ongoing (STAR and Story Town upcoming)
•New teacher evaluations - trainings being held monthly.
•Lost & Found - there are a large number of items in the lost and found at this time.
Please stop by and take a look if your child is missing something. We will have the lost
& found pile on display at the next PTO meeting in Feb.
•Canned food drive - Principles will discuss doing this again with Outreach Workers.
Discussion held about how to help families in need within the Quinn community.
Suggestion made for a Coat Drop Off to be held at Open House in September. This
would allow the nurse/admin to have a “stash” of coats to be distributed as needed.
Also, families tend to cull items their children have outgrown while prepping for the new
school year.
Next Meeting is Monday, February 2, 2015
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Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes - December 3, 2014!
Colin Grimsey, Principal
8 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:38 pm
Treasure’s Report
★no changes to report.
Report on Fundraisers
★Pies and Butter braids - Lisa has extras if anyone is interested in buying additional
★Texas Roadhouse - gift card sale is underway. Extra order forms are available in the
✦Some parents report that they did not receive them. Lisa informed Colin that
some teachers are not distributing PTO flyers. Colin will look into this. Soon,
Colin will be able to send out “All Call” emails. We will begin using this to
distribute flyers digitally.
✦Deadline for orders is Dec 12 to ensure delivery before school vacation.
★ Soups & Cookies will take place in mid January. Tentative dates 1/12-1/26. Lisa to
★Yankee Candle - April
Taste of Quinn - Lisa is waiting to hear back from Gina Riccardi
★Kate will look into Quinn nights at Baystate Gymnastics and Bounce
★check pending from Friendly’s dine out
Holiday Shop
★December 9-12th, will follow Book Fair schedule (9a-3p, each class will attend once).
★Set up will have to be Tuesday morning (due to School Committee mtg Monday night).
★Volunteers needed 8-10 am for set up on 12/9
★Volunteers needed for all shifts to assist students with shopping.
★Contact Linda at lindalefty@yahoo.com for more info or to volunteer
★Linda has asked PTO to purchase a second register. Motion made to purchase a
register for under $50. All in favor; motion passed.
★All volunteers must have a CORI on file.
Staff Appreciation
★! Will be held on 12/17.
★! Parents are asked to donate baked goods or snacks; drop off to school by 9:30a
Movie Night - Polar Express
★December 18; discussion held about changing the date due to conflict with HS
holiday concerts. Conclusion, there are events in town every other night that
week except Friday. Friday is not available. Date will remain 12/18.
★6:30 Auditorium

Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes - November 3, 2014!
Audra Thomas, Assistant Principal
Colin Grimsey, Principal
7 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm
Treasure’s Report
★ an additional $240 for candy bars was deposited today; remaining boxes are being
★Halloween party took in $489.42. Approximately $200 is still owed for the custodians.
Report on Fundraisers
★Pies and Butter braids - Pick Up date is Friday, November 14th, in the cafeteria.
Truck is expected at Quinn at 1:30 pm. Volunteers needed to sort orders and help out
with Parent Pick Up of pies/braids.
★No storage is available. Items not picked up will be donated to food pantry.
★Vendor Fair - Has been cancelled. Most of last year’s vendors have already
committed to other fairs that day. Lisa plans to start contacting vendors in June & July
for the 2015 Vendor Fair. Colin confirmed that we could reserve a date for the gym that
early. Colin will release the hold on November 22 for gym and community room.
★Holiday Shop - will cancelation of Vendor Fair impact holiday shop dates? Linda will
find out and get in touch with Colin. Holiday Shop was very popular last year. Five reorders
were placed. We will need many volunteers to assist shoppers. Lisa asked
whether the group should purchase an additional cash register. Linda may be able to
borrow one from her company. We also could buy one with our Holiday Shop points.
★Halloween Party
★Thanks to the many volunteers, including Mrs. Viera (admissions) and Mrs.
Condon (craft center).
★Book Fair
★Thanks to the many volunteers!!
! ! Sales $12,246
! ! Quinn earns 50%, $ 6,123
! ! add’l 5% taking scholastic credit $ 612
! ! add’l 5% for growth in sales 612
! ! total credit $ 7,347.89
This credit can be used to purchase learning materials from Scholastic.
★45 gift certificates for sold (for teachers to purchase books for classrooms)
★sending the letters home helped
★most teacher wish lists were bought completely
★A parent asked if teacher’s refreshed their lists mid-week. Currently, this is not
being done. The teachers make one wish list for the sale.
Staff Appreciation
★! Will be held on 12/17.
★! Discussion about changing the format from holiday desserts. Suggestions were
made for breakfast, healthier options. The objective is to present a nice gesture to all
teachers and staff (totaling almost 150 people) within budget. Concluded to keep the
dessert/snack format. We will request and/or arrange for healthy options to be included.
★! Parents are asked to donate baked goods or snacks
Movie Night
★December 18
★The Polar Express
★6:30 Auditorium
★no food
★canned good donations
★come dressing in pajamas
Dartmouth Middle School is getting a new LED sign (corner of Slocum Rd and
Hawthorn St.). They are offering Quinn an opportunity to donate toward the sign in
exchange for being able to post events on in.
! Discussion tabled until next meeting. Lisa will get more information.
Next Meeting is Monday, December 1, 2014
! !

Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes - October 20, 2014
Melissa McHenry, Assistant Principal
Audra Thomas, Assistant Principal
Colin Grimsey, Principal
14 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm
Box Tops - Lisa Correira reports that we have $1017 coming from Box Tops. She is
aiming to submit another batch on November 1st. Volunteers are always needed for
trimming and counting Box Tops.
Treasure’s Report
★ We received a check from Target for $1377.95 (Store Incentives)
★ Year to date direct donations are at $1091.00
★ Logo budget line is now in the black
★ Payments made for 4th grade cultural program and 1st grade field trip
★ Payment for Pies and Braids is pending delivery of the order.
Report on Fundraisers
★ Candy bar sale - There are 7 boxes left. Lisa Perry expects them to be sold by the
end of the month. A parent is selling them, 3 boxes at a time. When all outstanding
monies are received, the profit from this candy sale will be $8640.00
★Pies and Butter braids - Profit $2954.00. Pick Up date is Friday, November 14th, in
the cafeteria. Truck is expected at Quinn at 1:30 pm. Volunteers needed to sort orders
and help out with Parent Pick Up of pies/braids.
★Taste of Quinn - Friendly’s tomorrow, October 21st. All day with flyer.
★Vendor Fair - We need to select a date. November 22nd is tentative. Lisa Perry will
meet with Colin to review the gymnasium schedule. Holiday Shop with begin at the
Vendor Fair. Linda is chairperson for Holiday Shop. Children had opportunity to shop
last year during recess. The principles will discuss how this will be handled this year.
Halloween Party
★October 24th 5-7 and 7-9
★More volunteers are needed; several have signed up! Mrs. McHenry suggested
contacting the high school for students needed volunteer hours.
★Book fair - needs volunteers for 7-9 the night of the Halloween Party.
★Donations of snack size popcorn, pretzels and goldfish are being accepted.
★Admission is $1 per person and a bag of goodie bag favors per family (no candy
Book Fair
★October 24, 27-30
★CORIs pending on some of the volunteers. The office secretaries have been very
helpful with this process.
★Book fair delivery is Wednesday, 10/22. Help is needed from 3pm-5pm for set up and
★Classroom wish lists will be sent home in advance of the fair, explaining how parents
can make donations to their child’s classroom.
★Check for book fair need to be made out to: Quinn Parent Group, not to Scholastic
★We currently have over $14K in credits from Book Fair. Colin reports that the Literacy
Team is making recommendations for how these credits should be used. Emphasis on
classroom libraries.
Principle’s Report
Colin reviewed MCAS results.
! Full results can be found at http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/profiles/general.aspx?
! Quinn is a Level 2 school
! 57th Percentile rank
! Data for last four years is included in each year’s score (weighted with most
! ! current year having most value)
! Quinn shows consistent improvement across several indicators
! ELA scores are flat - this is current area of focus in improvement programs
Lisa Correira asked why scores have improved. Colin reports that this is often
multifactorial. He attributes at least some of the improvement to the co-teaching model
being used at Quinn.
Next Meeting is Monday, November 3rd.
! !

Quinn PTO Meeting Minutes - September 15,2014

Melissa McHenry, Assistant Principal
Audra Thomas, Assistant Principal
Colin Grimsey, Principal
21 parents in attendance
Meeting called to order at 6:34 pm

Treasurer’s Report
★ Sonya presented the 2014-15 budget for approval. Income budget (projected)
$38,000. Expense budget (projected) $36, 060
★Review of corporate donations available; Stop & Shop cards, Target Card, Amazon
Smiles, Corky & Co., Box Tops
★Lisa Correia reports that first Box Top check should be about $1000. Please send Box
Tops in trimmed along dotted line and in baggies of 50 if possible. Help is always
needed to trim and count Box Tops.
★Parent suggestion: Capri Sun pouches and Frito Lay School Bucks
★Megan suggested that the PTO budget be posted online. Kate will work on getting it
onto the FB group and the Quinn website.
★Parent question: Can the playground Maintenance budget be increased. Discussion
revealed that playground improvements are needed and wanted. This is a larger issue
that will have to be discussed at future meetings. Possibility of a separate fundraiser for
playground. Improvement idea include new privacy fencing, replacing asphalt with
rubber surface. Lisa Perry suggested possibility of corporate sponsors/signs as is done
at Crapo Field.
★Budget approved without changes, all in favor.
Report on Fundraisers
★ Candy bar sale is going well. Grades 3-5 will be sent home with their candy bars on
★Projected profit $8,000
★Discussion about other fundraiser ideas (multiple candy bar sales, non-food ideas,
connecting with area businesses). Kate reminded the group that this year’s fundraisers
were decided on last Spring to be approved by School Committee. Fundraisers for next
year will be discussed and voted on in April. All members are encouraged to bring any
ideas and available date to the April meeting.
★Taste of Quinn - this includes all the Dine Outs where restaurants give Quinn 15-20%
of sale on a certain date. This committee is in need of a chairperson. Responsibilities
include contacting restaurants to set up dates, making flyer and arranging for copies to
be made.
★Parent question: how do parents who aren’t at these meetings know how they can
contribute? Flyers for each event are sent out closer to the event, direct donation, FB
group. Kate suggested that current PTO members invite other parents to attend a
meeting or volunteer at an event with them.
Comment made about how website is under utilized. Mrs. McHenry is able to update
the website. Info for the website has to be submitted to her in a format that she can cut
and paste into the webpage software. Kate will be working to get minutes and other
important info to Mrs. McHenry for this purpose.
PTO area of school website isn’t up to date
! Kate will get FB group link to Colin to link to post on Quinn site for now
! We will look for a parent who would be willing to keep a website up to date. We
will have to purchase a website again.
Principle’s Report
★Great turnout at this meeting
★Thanks to Amy Dion for organizing and executing the Quinn float in the Dartmouth
★Thanks to Kate for the works she has done with the Facebook group
★Thanks to the admin staff (Melissa, Audra, Clair and Carol) who are doing a great job.
★New nurse this year, Kelly. A second nurse has been approved by the District
★Smooth start to the new school year
★MCAS scores can not be released yet but they look “really encouraging.” Colin
credits teacher collaboration and co-teaching.
★TERC program - evidence shows that algebra is a gateway course. There is
correlation between taking algebra and college attendance.
★Smartboards will be in all regular ed classrooms within 2 months
★Tech coach is working with teachers on ways to use smartboards in class
★2nd graders took part in research project looking at ipad apps for geometry
★UMASS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students have been
working with 5th graders on STEM themed research projects.
★PBIS - positive reinforcement, behavior supports working well.
Next Meeting is Monday, October 20th!!